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A comprehensive collection of interface icons for modern applications and websites
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8 August 2012

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For an application to succeed amongst the target customers, it has to be visually attractive apart from being rich in functionality. An application with classic 2D icons may give a feel of being outdated on the first look to a user and the media and entertainment applications especially need to have an eye-candy interface along with attractive icons. If you are a developer of an application and seeking a large set of icons for integrating in your application, then you would certainly find Glossy Menu Icons 2011 v.3, a useful package containing a myriad of icons, so you don’t need to spend time in designing them or searching for them.

Glossy Menu Icons 2011 v.3 provides the user with immediate access to thousands of professionally designed icons which can be integrated in the application to give it an intuitive and attractive interface. No matter what type of application you are developing, this package will definitely have a nice set of icons for your application as it has thousands of icons pertaining to different categories like data management, file operations, disk browsing, email, multimedia, image editing, document processing, charts and graphs, real estate, programming, supplies, transportation, video playback, social networking and many more types. This way, the entire package contains 1282 icons each of which is available in different resolutions like 16x16, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. All the icons are available in four popular icon image formats which are BMP, PNG, GIF and ICO. The large set of icons of this package ensures ready availability of a set of attractive icons which are directly integrable in any type of application, web, banner, interface etc.

Glossy Menu Icons 2011 v.3, overall, is a comprehensive package which can save the development time by eliminating the need for designing an icon or searching the suitable icons online. Hence it receives a rating of four points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Creation of a convenient and intuitive user interface requires solid knowledge of usability basics and immediate availability of high-quality graphic materials and art. If you are a developer or a UI designer in a company that releases several applications or websites a month, you most definitely use stock icon sets to save time and maintain the same quality level throughout many projects. If you are looking for a new collection of interface icons that will cover most of your typical needs, the Glossy Menu Icons will be a perfect candidate for this job.
The Glossy Menu Icons is a huge collection of high-quality menu icons created by professional artists. The range of topics covered by the collection is extremely wide: file operations, disk browsing, document editing and processing, data management, image editing, email, printing, user management, social interactions, databases and tables, clocks and time, video playback, multimedia, graphs and charts, computer hardware, transportation, real estate, supplies, programming, security and a whole lot more! The collection consists of 1295 unique hand-made icons and 57890 icon variations in 5 popular image formats (PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO) and sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 20x20, 16x16). The diversity of formats and sizes offered by the collection makes it possible to use the icons in nearly every possible application or web service without conversion of size adjustment. Every icon has a transparent background for fast and easy editing and flawless quick overlays. If you are working on an animated menu, you will definitely appreciate the fact that every single icon in the Glossy Menu Icons collection comes in three distinct states: normal, hot and disabled. This set will be an invaluable asset for any interface designer, web designer, banner maker, developer and coder. Every item in the set was scrupulously handcrafted by professional artists, a recognized expert on the market of high-quality UI graphics and icon sets.
Glossy Menu Icons
Glossy Menu Icons
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